Дорогие друзья! Хотите узнать свой уровень английского языка?

Пройдите этот небольшой тест. Всего лишь 5 минут, и вы узнаете свой реальный уровень знания языка! Мы пришлем вам подробные результаты и персональные рекомендации от преподавателей Unavischool.

1 ____'s your name? Thomas
2 This is Lucy and her brother, Dan. ____ my friends.
3 Oh, ____ are my keys!
4 Stephen ____ in our company.
5 What time ____ work?
6 ____ two airports in the city.
7 There aren't ____ here.
8 They ____ popular TV programmes in the 1980s.
9 We ____ the film last week.
10 He ____ tennis with me yesterday.
11 She ____ swim quite well, but she ____run.
12 At the moment I_______with my family.
13 Why ___they_____at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning?
14 I saw the accident when I _____home.
15 Ritchie ____here since 2005.
16 You’ve made a mess in the kitchen- it’s ___tidy.
17 I’m fed up with this film. Yes, I’m ____too.
18 if you___that expensive car, you___enough money to go on holiday.
19 What ____you do if you ____the exam.
20 Sorry I’m late. _____for a long time?
21 Alison has been working for a month without a day off – she____be exhausted.
22 Could you tell me where ______?
23 The interviewer asked _____drive.
24 You need to ________an answer to this problem.
25 I want to watch the television news. Could you ____, please?
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